Jordan Hawkins

Well I'll start by saying since this review is for future attendees I guess it's also FOR ME. I can't imagine not going back to Venture Workshop next year. For a week of my life I was surrounded by people just like ME. For a week I lived in a world secluded in nature with other people who love what I love! Gear and technical advice is one thing (and there was plenty of that) but leaving Venture, I was just beyond thankful to have built relationships and been able to learn alongside people on the same journey as me. Whether you're years into your company and you need a fresh creative vision or you just started, this workshop is for you! The teachers are some of the most talented filmmakers in the business but they're even better people willing to teach you and help you at whatever stage of this journey you're on! Go ahead, sign up because good food, friends, learning and dance parties are to come!!! 

– Jordan Hawkins // Knotted Arrow

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Becca Neblock

“It was rad learning from multiple filmmakers, and being able to see their similarities and differences in workflow, gear, and style. I was able to pick out things that worked for me and then ask questions if I needed help figuring out how to apply things to my own business. 

Spending multiple days together gave me time to ask all 72928 of my questions, and hang with all of the presenters and attendees. It’s rare that I get to be in the same space as other filmmakers, and Venture brought people together from all over the country. It was BA making friends, hearing about other markets, and seeing how everyone works.”

– Becca Neblock  //  Becka Neblock Videography

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Dom Porco

"This workshop catapulted my growth and skills as a filmmaker.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering it. You'll meet some of the best filmmakers in the business and they are all so informative and willing to spend the time to answer your questions. I also loved my off time during our breaks where we talked shop, shared tips and learned from fellow attendees. Truly worth it!"

– Dom Porco  //  Simple Love Films

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Drew Meinecke

"Venture Workshop dramatically sped up my growth as a wedding filmmaker. If you feel like you have reached a plateau or just need creative inspiration, Venture Workshop is for you! It is an investment that you will not regret, allowing you to further your creative skills and your business skills to command higher rates. And to top it all off, the whole Venture team is incredibly gifted, humble, and personable."

– Drew Meinecke  //  D. Barrett Studios

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