Jordan Hawkins

Well I'll start by saying since this review is for future attendees I guess it's also FOR ME. I can't imagine not going back to Venture Workshop next year. For a week of my life I was surrounded by people just like ME. For a week I lived in a world secluded in nature with other people who love what I love! Gear and technical advice is one thing (and there was plenty of that) but leaving Venture, I was just beyond thankful to have built relationships and been able to learn alongside people on the same journey as me. Whether you're years into your company and you need a fresh creative vision or you just started, this workshop is for you! The teachers are some of the most talented filmmakers in the business but they're even better people willing to teach you and help you at whatever stage of this journey you're on! Go ahead, sign up because good food, friends, learning and dance parties are to come!!! 

– Jordan Hawkins // Knotted Arrow