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VENTURE Excursions

Venture is not just a wedding filmmaking workshop – we are a COMMUNITY focused on relationships and FUN!

We’re excited, for the first time EVER, to launch our excursions! These are going to be opportunities for you to have a bunch of fun and connect with the community around you in ways that are video-related…or not! You’ll get to hang with some of your favorite people and get to really enjoy some things around Colorado that we love!

When: Wednesday, May 8th, from about 2P until ??? (latest 6P)

Who: ALL Venture attendes!

What: Check them out below!!

For all these excursions, we expect they’ll cost around $15—some of them that means paying for them up-front because we have to reserve space for them, for others, we expect you’ll pay that same amount on drinks, coffee, food, etc. We don’t make any money on these, we just want to help facilitate a great time!


Drone Excursions (TRANSPORT INCLUDED) - With Matt Johnson and Jay Worsley

We’ve got 85 acres of land in Morrison where we will take you so that you can drone, supervised by Matt and Jay! Since they are drone certified and wil supervise, you do NOT need to be drone certified for this one! We are renting a 12 passenger van, so you’ll get to ride up with Matt and Jay and hang with them for the afternoon!

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Drone Excursions (YOU NEED YOUR OWN RIDE) - With Matt Johnson and Jay Worsley

We’ve got 85 acres of land in Morrison where we will take you so that you can drone, supervised by Matt and Jay! This option DOES NOT INCLUDE TRANSPORTATION. You will need to arrange or find your own ride up to Morrison! Everyone will meet at Blanc at around 2P and then head up to the Mountains together!

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Bouldering Gym with Levi Tijerina

Join Levi for Bouldering at Movement, which is just a block away from Blanc! Your shoe rental and gym time is INCLUDED in this cost! We’ll meet at Blanc at 2P and walk over! There are also showers there as well, so you can bring whatever you need and can shower on-site if you’d like!


After we’re done climbing, we’ll slide over to Improper City and grab a bevvy, or we can connect with other groups who are out in Denver!

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Pool with White in Revery!

Join Calen and Kristine for POOL/Billiards at Gerard’s Pool Hall! We’ll have tables reserved and you can set up a friendly match or maybe even get a tournament off the ground!

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Brewery Crawl with Scott McKenna

Scott McKenna will lead you on a BEER CRAWL through some of Denver’s best Breweries! Join in the beer crawl and hang with Scott and get a taste of all Denver’s great beers (Must be 21+)

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